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This show seeks out makers of things and celebrates their uniqueness, skill set, and drive. Their stories, the themes that drive them, and the real answers to your questions are found here. Passionate people in the fields of CNC machining, welding, fabricating, 3D printing and woodworking, to name a few. Whether in a makerspace or garage or barn, making is the heart of us.
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Dec 18, 2015

Matt Cremona is a maker of fine furniture, but what helps Matt's YouTube channel stand out for the crowd is his unorthodox way of obtaining materials. Much like it was 200 years ago, the woodworking that Matt engages in is performed on boards that come from trees that he cuts down himself.

Matt's videos aim to motivate others to challenge themselves and try something new.

Dec 11, 2015

Jimmy DiResta is an artist, designer, and master builder. Jimmy's goal is to educate, entertain and inspire. You can watch him make things, and become inspired to make your own things on his tremendously popular YouTube channel.

Jimmy's videos help you learn a lot about the tools, materials, and processes with a hefty dose of fun mixed in.

Before YouTube, if you were one of us that learned about making things by watching television, you may have been able to catch Jimmy on the Discovery Channel, DIY Network or HGTV.

This episode dives into his youth and schooling, early jobs, and many of his REAL experiences in the world of making.

Dec 4, 2015

Surface grinding takes center stage on this episode of the podcast. Our guest is Cash Masters of The Kinetic Company in Greendale, Wisconsin. His shop is large and not only are they equipped to handle large jobs, but they will actually design and build the machines they need to accomplish the very toughest machining jobs.



Nov 27, 2015

This week's guest is Jesse Hughson. Listen in to hear how an idea for a very unique product has turned Jesse's life from part time, to professional maker. 

A maker of “Cyr Wheels”, Jesse has carved out a very unique niche that services entertainers from the big ring to the stage. Hear how he got his start.

We also speak about his involvement in the Rochester Maker Faire, hosting some notable guys in his home, and where he sees himself in the future.

Nov 20, 2015

This episode features Marc Spagnuolo. Marc has been creating great woodworking video content and very helpful articles since 2006. Marc wants to share woodworking knowledge with you so you can be confident to get into the woodshop and start making. If you’re new to the world woodworking, is for you. If you're an established woodworker, might be your sweetspot. Marc also runs a great podcast along with Matt Vanderlist and Shannon Rogers - look for "Wood Talk" in iTunes or your favorite podcatching app.

Nov 13, 2015

Bill Griggs has been building, designing, programming and operating CNC Router tables for over 10 years.

Bill wants to share that knowledge and experience with you so you can get up and running quicker and with a definite purpose.

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Nov 6, 2015

Dyami Plotke is the cohost of the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast. More than that, Dyami spends his free time making beautiful furniture and creative objects.

In this episode, we discuss where he found his inspiration to get started in carpentry, and how that developed into a passion for woodworking. We discuss the growing attraction of makerspaces and sharing shop space for socializing and learning together. Last, we find out just what Dyami's social media profile picture is all about.


Oct 30, 2015

Jeff Hooper is the creative mastermind behind Backhand Bikes.

Using AutoDesk Fusion 360 and the practical knowledge he has gained in working a career in manufacturing, Jeff creates designs that are almost organic, but are CNC machined from metal.

We talk about CAD/CAM, solid modelling, climb milling versus conventional milling, IMTS, ToolingU, and the perceptions versus the misconceptions of a college education.

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Oct 23, 2015

In this episode we learn all about how Linn from Darbin Orvar got started in making and where she sees the maker movement going. Some of the topics discussed include:

Growing up in Sweden, and the expectations for school age children

Growing a successful following on YouTube

The origin of the Darbin Orvar name

Talkin' BoXZY, talkin' Carley


Advice for the Maker Movement - do what you want to do!

You can learn more on the shownotes page.

Oct 16, 2015

Jim and Jason were nice enough to come on the show, and we had a great time and great conversation. The main topic we focused on was how do we get students interested in manufacturing? We need to change perceptions:

1. Get talking about how clean the shop environment is
2. Show that modern machines are the definition of high technology
3. Get more women involved in manufacturing
4. Get aesthetics on display
5. Highlight innovative thinkers

Don't forget to jump over to visit the show page so you can connect with the guys! 

Oct 9, 2015

A degreed engineer by trade, Tom spends his days pushing paper, and doesn't have the opportunity to scratch the maker itch.

Nights and weekends is when Tom is able to spend his personal time doing small woodworking and metalworking projects in his home shop.

We dive into his back story, if a college degree is the right choice, Tom's current crowdfunding campaign to restore a Southbend lathe, and where he sees the future of the maker movement.

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Oct 2, 2015

TechShop is a membership-based DIY workshop that provides members with the use of tools and equipment. CNC metal cutting machines, manual metal cutting machines, 3D printers, sewing machines, and woodworking machines are all available to its members.

CoFounder Bob Thomas explains how TechShop grew out of an idea and continues to thrive on the passion of the makers inside, plus a whole lot more.

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Sep 25, 2015

Carl Fiester and Peter Matoian are the makers behind Cape Brewed Gear.

The guys make unique bottle openers with a "twist".


Sep 18, 2015

Welcome to this MakerCast episode with Aaron Sanchez

Aaron, along with his father, Andy, is a maker of beautiful furniture using unique materials for high-end clients.

Hear about a carpentry/woodworking job at the Firestone Mansion.

Hear about how Aaron and his father ran a typical wood shop, making cabinets and custom pieces.

Hear about the decision to deviate into rustic southwest furniture and how their specialization profited greatly.

We discuss if specializing and eliminating options made it easier to work with clients.

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Sep 11, 2015

After attending public high school with no shop classes, this weeks guest attended North Bennett Street School in Boston to receive formal training in 18th-century cabinet and furniture making. 

The North Bennett Street School is a trade school that’s 130 years old dedicated to preserving the craft of furniture making. The school offers eight full-time professional programs train students for careers in: Cabinet and Furniture Making, Carpentry, Jewelry Making and Repair, Bookbinding, Locksmithing and Security Technology, Piano Technology, Preservation Carpentry, and Violin Making and Repair.

Kyle describes his favorite piece - a segmented circular donut with over 2000 pieces.  It took over 100 hours to finish.

Hear about how Kyle has done projects for Snoop Dog, Disneyland, Metallica, and Jelly Skateboards.

We discuss how Kyle never wants to lose the human touch of his designs and craft.

You can get more info at the show notes page for this episode by visiting

Sep 3, 2015

Todd builds CAD models that are CNC friendly. Lissten in as we learn all about how Todd got started, and what he sees for the future of homegrown CNC routers.

Aug 21, 2015

Bill Padnos and Sarah Brooks share the following about the NRL program:

Some students begin in early elementary years with STEM-related activities, and then begin participating in BotsIQ in middle and high school years.

The students learn to work as a team and are often offered internships and even full-time jobs in partnering manufacturing companies as a result of the program.

Students learn every aspect of the manufacturing process during their projects: securing funding, beginning designs, marketing, testing, refining, documentation, and time and project management.

When students are immersed in the manufacturing process, they begin to realize that they could “do this for a living.”

Students learn that most jobs in manufacturing don’t require a four-year college degree, and some jobs are available to them immediately after high school.

Many of the partnering companies recruit employees from the high school competitors  (Thats: Go! N.R.L.)

Jul 31, 2015

In this episode we discuss:


Life in military service - Serving in the United States Air National Guard


Donating time to local charitable organization


Grassroots Makerspaces



Jul 12, 2015

This episode is an in-depth interview with Doug Fontaine about CARVEsmart. The patented CARVEsmart quick change vise jaw system was invented by machine shop owner Bill Ehnstrom to save time and reduce costs in his own operation. Shortly thereafter, Ehnstrom partnered with veteran machine tool industry expert Doug Fontaine to form Bellatex Industries and commercialize CARVEsmart.


Jun 19, 2015

In this episode we discuss:


Life in military service - Serving in the United States Marine Corps

Growing up poor

Finding materials to work with

The origin story of the Kentucky Knows (Kentucky Nose)

Paying tribute to those that helped in the past

Weathering the storm so you know what a sunny day is.

Donating products to local charitable organization

Jun 5, 2015

In this episode we discuss:

Growing up in a machine shop as a Natural Born Maker

Introduction to CNC

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Wire versus Sinker (aka Conventional, or, Ram EDM)

Where can companies find skilled workers? Tradeschools?

Makerspaces like Techshop

What else is there besides college?

People want the skills that Vocademy teaches

Vocademy is NOT a tradeschool

Is it a lie that you will make more by going to college?

The Experts on How To Run A Makerspace

Flipping the way education is done

TED Talk – The Marshmallow Challenge

STEM, STEAM, and really making things – not just on the iPad


Retirement – The Silver Tsunami


May 21, 2015

In this episode we discuss:

How makers in the garage outpace OEMs in innovation 

The contract manufacturing environment and idle machine time

Rethinking production in a JIT on-demand world

Paying attention to "the Prosumer"

Overbuilding and undercapacity

The long-time Request For Quote (RFQ) Process and how machine setup time drives pricing (the "old" model)

The MakeTime Request For Utilization of Open Machine Hours (the "new" model)

How innovation drives job creation

The skillset to interpret the engineer's wishes

Where the idea for The MakeTime Marketplace came from and crowdsourcing manufactured commodity parts

The new manufacturing frontier - the perfect buyer and the perfect seller

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May 1, 2015

Carley Eisenberg is the owner and blacksmith of Iron Mountain Forge. She is a designer and maker of organic, nature inspired furniture. If her name sounds familiar, you may remember her as a semi-finalist on Ellen Degeneres' Furniture Design Challenge which aired on HGTV.

Carly's work is exquisite. You have to go to her website and see the level of craftsmanship she brings to her pieces. Each one is a combination of hand-forging and beautiful woodworking.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Carley's Branching Out Kickstarter Campaign
  • Ellen's Furniture Design Challenge on HGTV 
  • RISD graduate program thesis
  • Miami of Ohio
  • Glass Blowing
  • Red Cloak Studios 
  • Vivian Beer as a mentor
  • CNC Plasma cutter
  • Example of 2D CAD nesting
  • MIG and TIG welding 

visit for more details and notes



Apr 12, 2015

The origins of BluBin - car trouble leads to a revelation
Launched in 2012, Blu-Bin is truly making 3D printing accessible to the masses
Science Fairs, architectural models, historical buildings on SketchUp
Will 3D printing truly find its way into everyday life?
How do you bridge the gap between the idea and the reality?
Either sketch what you need and have the CAD model created, and then the finished item, or, send them your own CAD model to have printed.
Expertise. Francising, with a twist
What kinds of materials are used in 3D printing?

Mar 28, 2015

Jessica completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Object Design at Towson University. Her extensive CAD training supplmented with hands on experience working with a family of 3D printers has lead her to collaborate with professionals in the architectural, medical and design fields.

Listen to the interview where we explore the topics of being a maker, performing client work, building a 3D printer from a kit, art, design and fashion, mentoring high school students, the use of 3D printing to aid in prosthetics, and more.



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